Avanti Foundation was set up in 2012 in Mumbai, India. Founded by A V Suresh, a senior corporate professional with over 35 years experience working in one of India’s premier sales and marketing organisations. AVS, (as he is often referred to) admits that in his 35 year corporate career the single most important achievement he can claim is that he has helped create professional lives of so many youth, largely from the less privileged background. Creating lives and helping individual’s achieve their dreams has been the catalyst for establishing Avanti Foundation. Avanti, means “to go forward, go ahead” (in Italian) and in Sanskrit Avanti is referred to as a medieval city of eternal happiness, Avanti Foundation aims to typify this meaning by providing opportunity and progress for everyone it impacts.

Avanti Foundation desires to provide opportunities for improvement by inspiring underprivileged youth and women to become self-sufficient, educated and empowered thereby creating a better life for themselves and their families. It also strives to improve the health and hygiene conditions of families in rural and urban slum areas.

Objects Of Foundation
i) Relief and improvement of the poor and under privileged including women empowerment and creating livelihoods.
ii) Spread of education and higher learning.

iii) Improve health by providing safe drinking water, sanitation, medical relief, nutrition.

iv) Environment preservation and enhancement.

v) Any other object of general public utility.

Ancillary Objects
Relief of poor will include all aspects deemed applicable- health, nutrition, safe drinking water, sanitation, clothing, providing power, safe shelter, distribution of free food and clothing.

Spread of education and higher learning involves-setting up balwadis, learning centers, schools, colleges and other institutions for imparting education and learning, establishing hostels, boarding house for deserving students, awarding scholarship, grants to deserving students for pursuing education and higher learning, setting up centers to teach skills, livelihood training centers for youth

Setting up of affordable and quality health care facilities, supporting existing hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages, granting medical aid to under privileged. Provision of safe drinking water facilities, good nutrition, supplements and sanitation to improve health, reduce infant mortality.

Environment preservation includes tree planting, water conservation, water re-use, rain-water harvesting, construction of check-dams etc. Also support and encourage 'green' practices, 'green' technology, organic farming .

Avanti Foundation implements projects in partnership mode or independently in achieving above Objects