Mann and Avanti Foundation have partnered in August 2021 to build livelihoods of persons with disabilities . Our organisations share this mission and we have seen how this this partnership will be favourable to our beneficiaries. With Avanti foundation’s financial support, references/ networks and our combined efforts, our partnership has contributed to selling more products, expand the customer base and the promote market of products handmade by people with disabilities to create work from home opportunities for employment for 10 people with disabilities.

Graduates are paired according to their locations in group and are given work in the form of orders for handmade utility products & food items. This ensures the trainees on the severe end of the spectrum to be able to work under supervision of their family and earn a stipend of Rs 3000-5000 per month while financially empowering the individuals and the family

The pandemic drastically affectedbusinesses and employment overall.The situation for people withdisabilities (PwDs) was dreadful.Adapting to work from home wasnot an option for PwDs, leavingthem isolated and secluded. The objective of Mann’s CommunityProject was to create work-from-home employment opportunities for10 people with disabilities.

Mann’s graduates were pairedaccording to their locations in groupsof 3 and given work in the form oforders for handmade utility products &food items. The graduates were given daily plans,raw material kits with supplies andproduct orders. Mann staff conductedtraining via live video tutorials. Thegraduates sent finished goods back tothe Center and trainers checked qualityand gave feedback. The finished goodswere packaged and dispatched tocustomers from the Center.