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Women empowerment1

Women Empowerment
In Ambuzwadi, Malad a slum consisting of mostly migrant workers, Avanti Foundation works with a grass roots social enterprise Aftertaste to empower the women and generate dignified livelihood for them by training them in art and craft and designing and creation of handmade gifting products. Before joining Aftertaste these women were mainly housewives, living in pitiable conditions without any knowledge or self awareness on their rights to basic facilities and hygiene and struggling to make both ends meet. After working with Aftertaste, these women started earning a dignified livelihood, became socially aware and self confident and economically empowered to take key decisions and steer their families out of the vicious cycle. The women now have independent bank accounts, they earn a monthly salary, which they use to fulfill the financial deficit in their homes and also save to further the dreams of education and better life for their children and their families.

The women also learn self-confidence, basic literacy, presentation skills and the ability to handle high-end corporate customers who they themselves service during exhibitions. Recently Aftertaste has expanded its reach to another community of Women in Irani Wadi, Goregaon. Avanti Foundation along with After Taste has a vision to similarly impact and empower 1000 women and families across cities in India

Livelihood Improvement 
Working with youth to make them employable or able to run their own businesses is an area that Avanti Foundation focuses on. Identifying potential youth, helping them select right business opportunities, training and guiding them on statutory and legal requirements in setting up business, providing initial seed capital, mentoring and guiding during the course of the business venture. Avanti Foundation wishes to identify and support 100 youth across the country to make them independent and financially empowered


School support

School Support
Avanti Foundation works with private and semi-aided schools catering to under privileged children in urban slums and rural areas. Working in partnership mode with school authorities, the principal and teachers, inputs given range from infrastructural improvements, providing equipment and study aids, improving quality of teaching learning and addition of English speaking, Computer literacy classes. Avanti Foundation will work with 100 schools in its School Improvement programme

Safe Water Sanitation & Health.
Avanti Foundation supports projects related to improving the drinking water quality, creating awareness on safe water, improving sanitation thereby leading to better health. The work done by the Foundation extends to providing safe drinking water plants in partnership with local authorities, municipal corporation, gram panchayats and Rotary club. It also plays an active role in identifying local youth who are trained to spread awareness on need for safe drinking water and its impact on overall family health. Avanti Foundation has pledged to support setting up of 50 water plants impacting the community in a positive way

Safe water sanitation

Free Multidisciplinary Child-Care Camp
M. B. Barvalia Foundation, since its establishment, has been catering health services to community, especially women from low social strata and children with disabilities and mental health problems. On 17th February 2019, M. B. Barvalia Foundation organized 70th FREE Multidisciplinary Child Care Camp at Spandan Holistic Mother and Child Care Hospital, Deonar Municipal Colony, Govandi.